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The Artesia DES was founded in 1927 with the idea to promote the traditions of the Portuguese in Artesia. It came about after the founding of the Holy Family Catholic Church in 1925 by the Portuguese Community and by Father Manuel Vicente, its first Pastor. The first Festa do Divino Espirito Santo was held in 1927. Mass was said at the Frampton Building for the first couple years of the festa, followed by a parade to the same site that the Artesia DES is at today. Circus tents were used as a temporary shelter to serve the “Sopas do Espirito Santo” until the hall was built in 1935. Holy Family was built on Corby Ave in 1931 and was subsequently moved to its present day site on Clarkdale Ave. in 1960. If you are still wondering, D.E.S. stands for Divino Espírito Santo (Divine Holy Spirit).


The main goal of the Artesia DES hall is to promote Portuguese traditions and heritage through the many diverse activities held year round. The organization’s main function nowadays is to maintain the Artesia D.E.S. Band and the Artesia D.E.S. Soccer Club. These two groups, especially, help the throng of Portuguese youth get involved in their community and promote leadership skills that will promote Artesia DES well into the future. This site is dedicated to all the men, women, and children who helped build up the Portuguese Community in Artesia through this organization as well as those who are maintaining it today.

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